jw2010John Weeks is a modern day Cunning Man. He works as a Herbalist and Holistic therapist ; as well as a Clairvoyant and Medium. For further details of his services and to book appointments just get in contact. He has been involved with the holistic and complementary field for over 20 years. His training has involved furthering and integrating knowledge of  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Western Holistic Medicine. He is an independent registered Herbalist.

John is also trained within RASA, Reiki & Seichem healing system as a Master-Teacher. And as a licensed practitioner of Meridian Therapies (which includes EFT™) with the UK Association for Meridian Therapies (AMT). He encourages you to consider why you may have imbalanced health or issues; and how it can reflect your journey through life.

 John runs his multidisciplinary holistic practice from The Holistic Room within the Nene Valley Community Action Centre in Rushden, Northamptonshire. Herbal Spirit is situated close to the Northamptonshire-Bedfordshire border. 

Previous to being involved with the holistic and complementary fields, John studied Sciences to MSc level and keeping out of mischief through numerous positions of employment. He has been a student of Martial Arts for over 25 years as well as wandering upon a path of his own choosing.

May the road rise to you in all ways; always.


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